*Rumours of Fleetwood Mac*   north America 2024


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The World's Finest 'Fleetwood Mac' Tribute Concert  *RUMOURS OF FLEETWOOD MAC* North American touring 2024. 



My son and I had the greatest night EVER!!!

by Dopeydi1 on 10/24/23 Vina Robles Amphitheatre - Paso Robles

After seeing the original Fleetwood Mac 25 yrs ago at the Hollywood Bowl, I didn't think this could compare….. but I was wrong! They put on an awesome show and my son and I had an amazing experience. We both would definitely LOVE to see them again! They played all the songs we loved and the crowd was the perfect mix of young and older fans enjoying the classic favorites of the band we grew up listening to. I am 58 yrs old and my son is 25 yrs and we both had a night to always remember- loved it!!


A must see for the best Fleetwood Mac experience!

by New Fan on 10/27/23 Steelhouse Omaha - Omaha

Decided to take a shot at attending this concert, and probably one of the best I’ve ever been to. This band just oozes talent with their spot on replication of Fleetwood Mac. Can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed myself!


Good Golly Miss Molly!!

by T&P on 10/26/23 Clowes Memorial Hall - Indianapolis

This is a must see for all FM fans. From start to finish a completely invigorating experience with all the energy you might expect from a tribute band. Top-Quality musicality, lighting, and vocals. The band's encore was a complete third set that sent all to their feet for a masterful finish to a memorable night. An autograph session with the masses was over-the-top dedication. BRAVO!! Well done RUMOURS OF FLEETWOOD MAC.


First Class Concert & Host

by Tonja Mills on 10/25/23 Chaifetz Arena - St. Louis

Fantastic fun for a first time Concert goer, my 13 year old son! Bringing families together & making memories! We enjoyed the amazing concert, with great sound, lights and visual effects. Big Screen Monitors with great resolution. We had VIP, front row tickets. The Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac Band were quite the hosts. Each one greeted us and personally signed their Poster! A night that will live on forever! Thank You, Mom & Son 


Outstanding performance

by Deedee on 10/25/23 Clowes Memorial Hall - Indianapolis

Amazing performance from start to finish! The vocalists and musicians were incredible and you had to remember at times that you were not listening to the original Fleetwood Mac. I've never heard anyone else sound as much like Stevie Nicks, a challenging feat for anyone. We thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience and would recommend that any Fleetwood Mac fans see this show. It will take you back in time as you marvel at the outstanding library of music they created over the years.



by kmrosie on 10/11/23San Jose Civic - San Jose

Vocals were excellent, and my guests and I were blown away at the precision and talent of the musicians! I wasn't sure what to expect, and my guests had just seen a different FM cover band a few months ago. We were all in agreement that Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac was EXCELLENT, and they felt the evening was far and above better than the other band. I would definitely go again next time they play in San Jose.